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this is the description. the name is mowry, tahj mowry. i act & sing & stuff. (visit my imdb page: ( #jesusismyjam & i'm addicted to twitter (@tahj_mowry) & instagram (tahj_mowry). with this blog you should expect randomness; things like fashion, music, FILM, positivity, me attempting to be comical, & whatever else i'm thinking inside of my ridiculous brain. it's my party & i can blog if i want to. now let's tumble. was that too corny? it definitely was. oh, & i am also now addicted to tumblr. whatever, i'm a nerd.


ps: watch my new tv show "baby daddy" wednesdays at 8:30pm/7:30c on abc family.


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Tucker’s golf swag. cc: @babydaddytv @redkettleco

Today we are celebrating GLAAD Spirit Day! Take a stand with us and wear purple to show your support!

scary night with these creeps! cc: @unistudios #universalHHN (at Horror Nights, Universal Studios Hollywood)

sleepy hollow.

at Sleepy Hollow Manor, New York

sleep hollow.

#kobra #highline #chelsea


Father, You are the giver of all life! You give life to my dreams, life to my relationships, and life to my mortal body. Today I choose to release the past and embrace the gift of life You have in store for my future in Jesus’ name. Amen.
— Joel & Victoria Osteen

we woke up like this…

at Genesis

the struggle is real with Tucker in season 4. #BABYDADDY

art show swag with @jonni_cheatwood

cc: @jonni_cheatwood

at Cave Rock South Lake Tahoe

TAHOE #selfie

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